Наши в Катовице

katovice«Офис продвижения инициатив» рад был получить весточку от двух наших волонтерок, которые отправились изучать азы молодежной работы на практике, к нашим партнерам в Катовицу (Польша). Их эмоции появились на сайте принимающей организации.  


Iryna Valodzka:

41_nHello! I’m Irina from Belarus! First of all, I’m glad to come here and work as a volunteer in Bona Fides. Nice to meet new people and our volunteer team. I am sure that here I find many friends from another countries. It is very fine to know other cultures, and here I can do it! I hope …no… I’m sure we will make a good project, have fun together and discover something new in Poland, Silesia, Katowice and (the most important) in ourselves. Silesia is a very interesting region for me, so I am very glad to be here and research it by myself and with other volunteers!


Alena Yarmolenka:

111_nMy name is Alena. I am from Belarus and I am 23 years old. Last summer I gratuated from the university where I study history and archeology for 5 years. During my studying I worked as a teacher in school, and I like it so much. I like history, so I am interested in history of the city (Katowice) very much, and in Sosnowiec history because now I live there! Silesia is interesting region which is connected with Czech republic, Germany and even Russia. I also like ethography, so I am interested research it here. And I am so happy to do my EVS in Poland! 🙂


Почитать в оригинале, и – о других волонтерах https://heartofsilesia.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/here-we-are/

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